Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start In 2021

Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start

Today! I am going to show you best smallest generator with electric start and sometimes smallest generator can be very useful for you in emergency.

You don't have worry about your small devices, if you have a small (unit) portable generator, it can power your phone, laptop, camping light and other small devices.

You can easily run your electric tools if you have 240 watt small generator like Jackery Portable Power Station.

After researching 100s of small generator, I have selected top five generators for you, so below I am going to show you my top five generators under 1000 watts.

Whether you are a camping lover or you want a small generator for your office, the generators I am going to show will help you in both of things.

Top 5 Smallest Generator With Electric Start 

Now below I am going to show top five best selling small generators with electric start, I hope somehow it will will help you.

1. Jackery Portable Power Station


Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start

Let me just tell you about jackery, it was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, and they have launched their first Lithium Portable Power Station in 2015.

It has large capacity with small size and it comes with 200 wattage output and with powerful 240Wh(16.8Ah) lithium battery, which provide you clean power.

You don't need to worry about your devices safety it provides clean power for you small devices.

Also the company is providing you Smart display to show input power, output power and remaining battery power in this generator.


There is no doubt it can give you power backup for your home and office work and it has multiple outputs for different devices.

You can charge it very easily because it comes with four ways to charge:

  • Recharged by solarsaga 60W within 5.5 hours(0-80%)
  • Recharged by wall outlet within 5.5hours(0-80%)
  • Recharged by car outlet, within 5hours(0-80%) 
  •  There is one thing you have to keep in mind it can not support devices over 200W example:

    • Blender
    • Ice Shaver
    • Electric Grill

    Pros And Cons


    • Multiple Ouputs for different Devices
    •  Four ways to recharging.
    • Safe Stable Output
    • large capacity


    • Can not Support Devices over 200W

    2. Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Power Station


    Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start

    Westinghouse iGen 160s generator comes with 155 watt-hours of Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity and it has ability to give you hours and hours power on a single charge.

    Company designed it with a purpose, so you can use it anywhere whether it is outdoor (boating) work or indoor work.

    The best thing about this generator is there is no engine and no hassle. Westinghouse iGen160s is engineered without an engine which means it uses no fuel, needs no maintenance, now you can imagine how beneficial it is.

    It comes with versatile outlets which you get all the necessary outlets:

    • Two 120V outlets
    • Four USB ports including a USB-C
    • QualComm Quick Charge 3.0 USB outlet
    • Three convenient 5mm DC outputs. 

    3 mode lighting makes it more special and beautiful you can use its light for reading or for shine your way. also it is ultra compact and light at 3.5 lb, you can carry it with you anywhere.

    The generator also has four charging styles, you can charge it when you want and the four charging way is:

    • AC and cigarette lighter outlet accessories for use with cars, walls, and generators
    • Solar panel capability

    In simple words I can say, it is dependable, its a complete power backup solution, you can power your laptop and other small devices anytime.

    Pros And Cons


    • It comes with versatile outlets
    • It has 4 Charging Styles
    • It is engineered without an engine
    • Hours and hours power on a single charge


    • It can power only small devices.

    3. Anker Powerhouse 200, 213Wh/57600mAh Portable Rechargeable Generator


    Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start

    This is Anker's PowerHouse 200 portable rechargeable generator, also the successor of this company which is silent and provides you clean power.

    If you are looking for a smallest generator with electric start and for outdoor adventures, emergencies, then this is the best choice you can take.

    This generator has the ability to handle the load of your all small devices, as example supplementary mobile power for home medical equipment and etc.

    Anker's this portable rechargeable generator is award winning generator in 2018 by iF and Red Dot for its innovative and portable design because it is very handy and easy to carry.

    You can power power multiple devices at the same time there would be no issue if you have this amazing best smallest generator in 2021 and it also keeps you and your devices protected.

    It gives you flexibility to charge your devices anywhere even if you are in your home or in garden or in office, you don't need to worry just connect and charge, it has all the necessary outlets.

    • 1 DC Outlet (12V)
    • 1 AC Outlet
    • 1 USB Power Delivery Port
    • 2 High-Speed USB-A Charging Ports

    This generator suitable for small and medium devices, you just have to keep in mind that it only supports devices with a rating less than 100W.

    Pros And Cons


    • Anker's this generator is award winning.
    • It has has the power, versatility, and portability to handle any challenge.
    • Easy to carry comes with a very comfortable handle.
    • This portable generator gives you clean & silent performance.


    • It only supports devices with a rating less than 100W.

    4. AIMTOM 300-Watt Portable Power Station


    Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start

    This is AIMTOM SPS-300 portable power station and it comes with a power pack massive 75,000mAh 280Wh lithium battery, and it is also able to recharge your drone.

    Now you don't need to worry about your outdoor adventures because you have AIMTOM SPS-300 a reliable, powerful and portable power station, so feel free to go for camping, fishing and boating.


    One of the best thing about this smallest generator is there would be No maintenance, No gas, No mess, No fuss for you just enjoy your outdoor trip.

    The massive 75,000mAh 280Wh lithium battery of this generator has the ability to charge digital cameras, tablets and personal medical devices with ease, it also has all the important ports

    • An 110V/300W AC port
    • Four USB ports(two are Quick Charge)
    • Three 12V outputs
    • One 24V output
    • One 12V car port

    When it comes to charging the generator You can recharge it using a wall outlet, DC power from a 12V car socket or charge it using AIMTOM 60W solar panels(sold separately), now its up to you how you gonna charge it.

    This silent and powerful solar generator SPS-300 is here to offer you comfort and flexibility and it designed to be incredibly travel-friendly, also it has LED light and emergency light.

    Pros And Cons


    • It has 280 Watt-hours battery.
    • You get comfort and flexibility.
    • LED light and emergency light.
    • It has all the important outlets.


    • Solar panel is not included with this 300 watt smallest generator.

    5. Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator


    Best Smallest Generator With Electric Start

    Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator is one of the best smallest generator with electric start and it is also one of the best selling on Amazon with 4.5 stars and 1592 ratings and this portable power station is a perfect power source for both indoor and outdoor work.

    It comes with 250 running watts and 300 surge watts and high quality built-in 3.7V 60Ah lithium polymer battery and very easy to charge, you can charge with wall outlet, Car, and also Compatible with solar panel.

    If we talk about its battery power it is powerful enough to charge:

    • Smartphones ( 2500mah ) 25 times
    • laptops ( 50W ) 4-5 times
    • 32" TVs ( 75W ) 3+ hours
    • CPAP machine 2+ nights(using DC/DC converter, please note that your CPAP machine should be under 60W)
    • Mini car refrigerator ( 60W ) 4+ hours
    • outdoor lights ( 4W ) 60+ hours

    And, the best thing is it provide you clean power there would be no harm for your sensitive devices.

    This amazing small generator also has variety of Powering Options:

    • Dual 120V AC (300 Watt Surge) outlet for: Laptop, Monitor, TV, Air Mattress, Lamp, Fan, and etc.
    • 4* 12V DC: It is for car powered device under 60W, such as car vacuum, car refrigerator, car air fan etc.
    • 2* 5V USB ports: It is for phones, iPad, gps, mp3, camera, rc helicopter etc.

    And, the company is providing package with110V wall adapter, car charger and cigarette light adapter.

    Pros And Cons


    • It has plenty power for most devices
    • It provide you pure sine wave for all the devices. 
    • It comes with high quality lithium polymer battery.
    • You can recharge it easily wit three ways.


    • This generator cant support pass through charging.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is the smallest generator I can buy?

    There are a lot of best smallest generators available in the market, some of the best i have mentioned above, you can pic which suits you most, and I am showing you list below:

    What size generator will run a refrigerator?

    If you are looking for a small generator and you want to power your refrigerator then you have to go for the ,5000 to 7,500 watts generators, small generators won't be able to large home appliances and also you can use them for Rv.

    Is Jackery the best?

    There is no doubt it's a great choice if you want a power station which can charge your small devices like mobile phone and laptops and also, which you can use for power backup emergency. Jackery 300 is an amazing power station which has enough power to run small device.

    Are portable power stations worth it?

    Yes! Of course portable power stations is worth it, you can power your all the small devices with the help of portable power stations. Also they provide you clean power which is good for your devices and I have mentioned all the best smallest generator with electric start above in the post.

    Wrap Up

    I really hope this article will help you somehow, I have share all the best selling and affordable portable power stations for you, you can select anyone which complete your requirements.

    All the above generators is best selling on Amazon also have best rating and positive feedbacks so you don't need to worry just grab on for you and please if you like the article do share after all sharing caring 🙂

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