How To Make Portable Generator Power Clean

How To Make Portable Generator Power Clean

If you are thinking about how to make portable generator power clean then In this article, I will explain how to make portable generator power clean, since in today's era almost every house uses a generator.

Furthermore, not all houses are equipped with the latest version of a generator.

Now you can buy an upgraded version of your generator that incorporates all the latest technology. Compared to old models, the latest generators produce cleaner power because some old models create bad power.

So if you're using an old generator model, you shouldn't have to do much if you know how to clean generator power.

However, with the new generation of generators, you can expect a clean power supply, The best generator for electronics can be found in the market at an affordable price. You just need to add a few dollars to your budget.

Although we can guarantee that some people will never think about changing their traditional home generator.

The generator will provide the following indications if it is providing dirty power or experiencing power supply problems:

  • Flickering of light
  • Fluctuations in power
  • Voltage spikes occur

Read the full article We will cover all aspects related to clean power vs dirty power in detail.

Why Do You Need To Clean Power?

During power supply, everyone faces the same dirty power problem. Some people are already aware of this and even a few do not even realize their portable generators are producing dirty electricity.

When your generator is providing dirty power, you could see breaker trips, flickering lights, and other problems. Another possibility is a low-capacity system if you are experiencing issues with transformers or vibrations.

Unless the power is clean, there is a risk that the generator can damage electronic equipment. You need a clean power supply to charge your sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc.

Despite generators being one of the most useful and essential tools, they can also cause issues if not upgraded because if an older version is used, there's a possibility it could produce dirty electricity.

The generator could produce dirty energy for appliances if it is incapable of supplying the necessary power because the company designed them with a limited amount of power supply, which causes issues when not properly matched to appliances.

The problem should not be taken lightly as it can cause serious damage to your appliances if it runs continuously. Dirty power is very bad for your electronics items in the long term.

The reason that your portable generator is producing dirty electricity can be caused by a number of factors, including surges, frequency variations, voltage variations, etc.

In order to detect it in its early stages, you should check your small devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. if they are having a faulty power supply.

What Are The Reasons Of Dirty Power

The presence of dirty power in your generator might suggest that it is producing dirty power, so before taking any action, it is necessary to uncover the root cause of the dirty power.

By understanding dirty power's root cause, you can construct your generator in a more efficient way.

Below we are sharing few reasons why your generator is not providing normal power:

  • Failures of certain components result in outages.
  • Having an imbalanced load.
  • This is actually the voltage sag, where the voltage drops below the normal value.
  • Harmonic distortion

Considering that a generator has two variations, the frequency variation, and the voltage variation, it should come as no surprise.

There is a possibility that a solution for frequency variation will not work for voltage variation. Consider all factors of what is best for the solution before moving forward.

Whenever you fix the problem, be sure that you are using the proper equipment for the regulation since it may be dangerous if you are not using the correct system.

Therefore, you need to find a power regulator that works without flow and can regulate the power, and this is an investment worth making.

How To Clean Up Generator Power

All the reasons related to dirty power were discussed above, so if one of them applies to you, then you need to clean up your generator power. 

In this article, we'll demonstrate all the techniques you need in order to clean power portable generator. There are several methods for doing that, we've listed a few below:

  • You can use an inverter
  • A UPS
  • Power line conditioner
  • Voltage regulator, etc.

Buy an Inverter Generator [Upgraded]

We recommend purchasing an inverter generator if you plan to do so because when it comes to clean sine wave generators, it's an excellent choice.

Inverter generators have the latest technology and provide power according to the load, whether you connect a heavy appliance or a light one.

We recommend an inverter power generator because it provides you with clean power while saving fuel and energy. These generators for electronics work really well too.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about harmonic distortion because the generator automatically detects and removes them.

Due to this, the inverter generator offers greater benefits than a traditional generator, so if you are interested in upgrading, you should get one.

Whether you recently got a traditional generator or you already own one, it wouldn't be easy for you to upgrade right away because it would be a double investment for you, but there are ideas and techniques which you can use for clean power from your old generator.

Below we're going to show you some solutions for cleaning up your old generator and providing a clean power supply for your electronics.

How To Make Portable Generator Power Clean Using A UPS (Uninterruptible Power System)

Under this heading, you will find your three questions answered.

  • How to get clean power from a generator?
  • How to get pure sine wave from generator?
  • How to make a generator safe for electronics?

A UPS is a very common device that you can find at any store near you since it is a very well-known device in the field of power supply. 

The UPS can provide power because of its basic circuitry that is interconnected to many other large batteries and the generator will smooth the waves once it is connected to it.

Though the market is very big, you need to find a generator that can give you clean power, and UPSs can also be bought easily, but the most important thing is finding one that can be connected to your generator.

It is not advised to use any UPS, but instead to use a UPS that is connected to a generator. The UPS helps to convert generator into pure sine wave.

In addition, you can expect clean sine waves instead of dirty power from your generator, by converting the current internally, it makes the power safe to use. 

Buying a smart UPS will work really well for those who wish to power their home appliances or only want clean power. It works like a clean power transformer.

One of the best built-in features is the AVR, an automatic voltage regulator, which ensures that your appliances receive only the cleanest power.

When it comes to purchasing a UPS, you have to consider two things.

  • When it comes to voltage variations, it works really well.
  • However, the option is not suitable when it comes to frequency variations.

How to Clean Up Generator Power Using a Separate Voltage Regulator

Having an automatic voltage regulator can help you deal with a frequency fluctuation, as we have discussed a bit about AVR and your generator will provide clean power for your appliances.

Voltage regulators are mostly used in automobiles to supply stable power, and now you also know that they help with power clean up. 

Power is continuously monitored by AVR, and when any power changes occur, it adjusts according to load.

It is capable of converting dirty power into clean without any interruption. Additionally, DC supply does not need to be converted.

Despite the fact that we have already mentioned it, it is good to remind you again, you have to make sure you buy an AVR which is suitable for your generator, so it can handle the capacity. 

Furthermore, it is up to you whether you want to get a surge suppressor along with this.

How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean Using a Power Line Conditioner

It is another method to clean your generator power with the help of a power line conditioner and one of the best things about this solution is it is affordable and suitable for your generator.

You will be able to prevent your home appliances from becoming damaged by high voltage if you use a power line conditioner.

It is also useful to know that it is very easy to find and can be obtained at a very nominal price, and when it comes to using it, even a beginner can use it.

It is up to you how you make your purchase since you need to be careful to make sure you get the right one because if it would be wrong then it is useless.

The following are three more tips for protecting appliances:

  • Surge protectors
  • Frequency filters 
  • power factor correctors

The three other options are simple as well, so you can use them as well.


The inverter generator itself is a pure sine wave generator, so if you're about to buy one, you should consider it.

Other Alternatives For Clean Power

While looking for a solution it is important that you ensure that you consider all the above options because if any of them is not working, then it may be an issue with your generator. It is advisable for you to examine that as well.

Most people ignore the following things:

  • A loose wire may be causing the power supply fluctuations.
  • The power supply can be distorted due to weak connections.
  • Excess grime or dirt in the engine could lower the electrical output compared to what it should represent.

Oil filters are an important part of automotive maintenance but many people fail to invest in them. Check the generator before you seek technical support for dirty power so that you can determine whether you need more. It could be caused by your negligence or lack of investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the power of a portable generator?

Fuel should be stored in a clean area to prevent dirt from collecting. Make sure that dirty parts of the generator get cleaned. Make sure the fuel filters in the generator are being maintained on a monthly basis or after prolonged use. If necessary, you should replace the air filters as well.

Can you power wash a portable generator?

You should never use a pressure washer, as it could hurt you more than help. Clean the area by blowing out dirt and grease with an air compressor and wiping it down with a rag with a degreaser. After the equipment has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, check for oil leaks.

What are dirty power and clean power?

An electrical power supply that is free from voltage spikes and drops is considered clean. The ripples or noise introduced by the voltage outside of a sine waveform are often called 'dirty electricity or 'electrical pollution. Poor performance can be caused by dirty electricity, especially in microelectronics.

How do I know if I have dirty electricity?

The effects of dirty electricity may extend beyond electrical devices. There is a possibility that some people may be hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and experience symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, headaches, difficulties with memory and concentration, as well as trouble sleeping due to exposure to dirty electricity.

Wrap Up

We have listed a number of solutions to the electrical problem, that you can perform in an emergency. It is important to find a quick solution since dirty power can ruin your appliances.

Since it is difficult to find a solution easily, it is advisable to try different methods until you find the right one. We would advise you to consult with the technician if you don't have any knowledge of the generator.

After reading this article, you should know how to make portable generator power clean, but if you have any questions left, please let us know in the comments.

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