How To Make A Portable Generator Quieter

How To Make A Portable Generator Quieter

Hey! Today I'm going to show you how to make a portable generator quieter, as we all are portable generator users so, we know the value of a generator especially when the weather is changing drastically.


If you are a person who lives outside of the city or where a power outage is a natural routine, then you can understand the value of a portable generator.

Because, if the heavy rain and hailstorm are going on then there is a strong possibility power won’t come.

So having a quiet portable generator is very important for some people who lives outside of the city or who have children and online work from home. 


Apart from that, the main problem people are facing is the loud sound of a portable generator.

And, this is the main topic which we are going to cover in the post and going to provide you simple ways how to make a portable generator quieter for camping or house.

how to make a portable generator quieter

We know sometimes it feels embarrassing to run your generator at a camping or picnic place because of the noise.

Then you plan to buy a new portable generator for camping or you think about how to make a portable generator quieter for camping?


For the noise issue if you can build a quiet generator box then you can easily make a generator quieter for camping or home, but make sure you know how to build a quiet generator box.

Don’t be nervous if you don’t know how to build a quiet generator box because there are more other ways that can help you to quiet your generator without disturbing others.

Below in this article, we will try our best to teach you how you can make quieter to your traditional and inverter generators.

Three drawbacks of a loud portable generator

  • You can’t focus if you are working at home
  • Your neighbors can complain
  • Your camping can be spoil

But one thing can give you a smile because there are many people nearby you who is using the same, you don’t complain of them 🙂

For the solution, you can go with natural gas portable generators, these generators are lightweight, ultra-quiet, and have many other useful features.

Now, let’s dig in and we are going to tell you how to make your generator quiet as a cricket.

how to make your generator quiet as a cricket

If we compare small engines like on generators or air compressors with big motors so they are very loud from big motors.

And, the reason why automotive or big motor engine is quiet because:

  1. They made of the thick and heavy material pressurized high volume oil system. 
  2. They are the liquid cool engines that’s why they don’t heat.
  3. Company is providing all the latest technology for their sound heat.

The reason Why small engines are loud:

  1. Company use lightweight & thinner material.

There is no doubt all small engines company can produce quieter engines more but they produce big and heavy according to the marketing demand. 

Now you can see some people want a big and heavy generator whenever everyone knows it is not easy to carry a big generator on adventures or camping.

Here you can read the best portable generator for a camping guide.

Build a Generator Quiet Enclosure Box

how to make a portable generator quieter

As we have told you above building a quiet generator is one of the best and easy ways to make your generator quieter.

One of the benefits of having a quiet enclosure is, with the help of this quiet enclosure we can also quieter an air compressor, and it is a well-known fact that how much noise an old and average air compressor produces.

So please mark this point that you have to make the quiet enclosure as large that it can easily accommodate your other loud appliances and devices which is causing trouble for you.

It is a very simple process to make a generator quiet box if you follow the proper guide.

Now below I am going to show some important points if you will follow all the points you can easily build a noise isolation box.

1- The first and the most important thing is to take an accurate measurement because you can have noise issues in the future if you let the gaps in the enclosure.

So an accurate measurement will ensure you that you won’t get any noise issues in the future.

And sound insulation is another thing that you are going to install inside all four walls and ceiling of the box but there is also one thing to consider, please make sure you are leaving enough space for easy installing.

Measurement and space are playing a very important role in all the processes, you also need a proper space for ventilation equipment.

2- Now you have to cut the MDX (Medium Density Fiberboard) according to you by using a circular or table saw, also keep these two small but helpful points in your mind:

  • Use a pencil to label the sides and ceiling pieces, it will ensure that there wouldn’t be any size-related issue.
  • Try to buy enough or a bit extra MDX or soundboard for smooth work. 

3- It works very well, now attach the first layer of Green Glue noise dampener for soundproofing, and after this now two things left the second layer of Green Glue noise and Mass Loaded Vinyl will use for Noise Blok for soundproofing walls, ceilings, ducts, and pipes.

Buy a ZombieBox Portable Soundproof (Silent) Enclosures

how to make a portable generator quieter

Why we are recommending you to buy a ZombieBox because it is a soundproof enclosure and it is very portable and waterproof which make it more comfortable.

And, it will help you when you will be on your camping trip, it will quieter your generator and you can enjoy your camping.

The other best thing about ZombieBox is the company is claiming that it will reduce the noise of your generator 5X or 99%, which is a great number, if it will work as awesome also it is very easy to carry.

You can use it if you are not happy with your generator sound but make sure you watch the videos of ZombieBox before purchasing it, that will help you to understand more about it.

Does a Car Muffler on a Generator Work?

how to make a portable generator quieter

If you are hearing that automobile muffle also works like magic when it comes to silencing your generator, so before buying a muffler try to get these three question’s answers:

  • Is it work?
  • The company is providing a demo?
  • Do they have positive reviews?

After these questions also check their ratings because most of the companies are copying each other as much we have noticed while our research.

Now you have two options:

First: You can try to quieter your generator by trying this automobile muffle but if you don’t know anything about it, we will advise don’t try to do the things your own as we talked to many mechanics while our researching process most of the people said it won’t be a good option to try this but what you can do just try to provide enough air flows so, your generator doesn’t overheat.

Second: It would be good for you to buy a ZombieBox soundproof enclosure which is a good option as compared to the automobile muffle because in this process there is a chance you can burn your hand if you won’t do all the things with proper guidance and safety tools.

Note: Ensure your safety, before doing anything right or wrong, because there is also a big risk, so consul with experts before doing anything your own.

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Installing an Automobile Muffler of Generator (Second Choice)

As we told you everything above but there is a chance you want to try it once, whether it works or not.

How to do it: You have to measure the muffler’s exhaust tip accurately so there shouldn’t be any gap left between vehicle mufflers and it easily fits both. you need to get all the necessary tools which will ensure you that there wouldn’t be any gap left because a little gap can spoil your all the hoar work.

The main work is to connect both of them correctly whether you connect them tightly or you try to weld the correct pipping which comes with a muffler but it is easy to attach a bigger muffler.

Few Advantages or Disadvantages:


  • You will learn the new way to quieter your generator.
  • You can use your generator anywhere there would be no noise issue.


  • It will waste your precious time.
  • There is a safety risk.
  • If it won’t succeed money your spend money will be wasted.

Muffling Generator Noise By Using Plywood Boards

how to make a portable generator quieter

If you don’t have extra money to invest in the generator noise then this is the simplest way you can try to reduce the noise of your generator by using plywood boards.

Yes! There is no guarantee that it will completely reduce the noise of the generator but it can reduce at least 10 decibels of noise if you will cover it properly around the generator.


With the help of this method at least, you would be able to run your generator on the camping or near your house. It won’t be that loud that you can’t tolerate.

For all the process you need some plywood sheets which can cover the generator from all the sides and it will cover it like an encloser box.

It will help the generator’s sound to absorbed into the ground and you will hear less noise as compared to before.

Generators Exhaust Pipe Facing Away From Your Home

how to make a portable generator quieter

If all the solution we have mentioned you above is looking tough or challenging then there is one more thing you can do an for this you can use an exhaust pipe.

The sound generator is producing that is also coming from the exhaust pipe, but think if you can try to make them long or can set that outside of the house, then there is also a chance you face less noise problem.


Mostly it is possible if there would be no objection from nearby people. but it is an easy way and the big companies executing this method in their generators.

Set the Generator Far from Home

We know this is one of the easiest ways, which everyone knows that the far you will sit from the noise generator the less noise you will hear.

Yes! It can be easy for you to handle noisy generators if you live in a place where the houses are not very close to each other.

But it wouldn’t be possible if all the houses are nearby.

As you are looking for the solution to a noisy generator then you are aware that the normal generator produces 70 and 80 decibels at 20 feet away. 

And, 80 decibels is quite loud to disturb you.

So, the best way to avoid the noise set the generator far from the house and you can also use your garage for this if you found space there and in all the process one thing that will help you that is a long extension cord.


  • Buy a long extension cord according to how far you want to set the generator.
  • Ensure the generator is below the shed.
  • Set the duration to check the generator.

Place the Generator in a Storage Shed [Important]

how to make a portable generator quieter

This is important to place the generator in the shed whether you have a long extension cord because you also have to consider the echo and the fumes.

The echo: There are two things you have to keep in mind if you are going to set your generator in an empty shed.

1- There would be more sound if you set the generator in an empty shed because there would be more echo caused by sound waves of the generator but you can stop this sound if you will cover the empty walls with wood sheets or you can use any other things which can stop the echo.

2- Try to cover empty walls with plastics because it will cost you less as compared to the plywood sheets or try you don't set the generator in an empty shed.

Fumes: It is important to have the ways for fumes because if you are running a generator in the shed, and there is no way out for the fumes, it can cause the issue, so you have to make sure that in your shed you have a small round of vents which can pass out the fumes.  

Also after using the generator you can close the small holes and open them when you will use them.

If you don't have small vents in your shed you can use the muffle-type hose, it will also help you to pass out the fumes from the shed.

Heat: Heatness is the normal process of a generator if you will run the generator for a long time and will power the big appliances then it is normal for the generator, but if you want to cool down it. then you can turn on the fan in the shed somehow it will help the generator to cool down. 

Sound Absorbing Mat [Extra Solution]

how to make a portable generator quieter

All people know the sound we hear from the generator comes from the motor and its moving parts but the fact people don't know the sound we hear also comes from the vibration of the generator.

So the floor also the part of the generator's noise, which it generates while vibrating.


You can easily reduce this extra sound by using a sound-absorbing mat and you can find a mat that suits your budget.

Replace the Generators Faulty Muffler

Most of the time muffler would be the reason for your generator's extra sound and if your generator is old and producing a lot of noise then you should consult with a small engine mechanic.

There is a large chance he will suggest you change the muffler.

Also, there is a probability the generator you are using is not a good company’s product or it is a cheap generator so its engine can be the reason which is producing sound.

You can have these problems with a cheap generator but if you are using a good quality or branded generator there is a maximum chance you can fix them by consulting with their service provider or just by changing a generator’s part.

So, always try to buy a good quality generator rather than compromising with the cheap generator.

Install a Silencer

This time we are trying to show so you something different silencer for generator although above we have shown you many other types of silencer for generator, this one is the best fit for a portable generator.

You can see many other silencers on amazon and people are talking about them in reviews but they are not worth it.

There is the best silencer that we are going to show you and the best thing you can buy that on their website, you don't need to spend your time on amazon.

And, the silencer we are going to mention is from GenSilencer and you can buy the size or perfect fit according to your generator size direct for their website.

Three benefits of buying a GenSilencer:

  • It is very easy to install.
  • They provide a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty.
  • It comes in a matt finish and if you don’t get the results after installing them, you can send them back.

Frequently asked question

Can I put a quieter muffler on my generator?

There's really no better way to muffle the sound of your portable generator than by using an automotive muffler. Despite not being the most straightforward method, when done correctly it can reduce noise levels by 10-15 decibels. It only requires an automotive exhaust, some creativity, and a few tools.

Can I make my generator quieter?

Set it on a softer surface. Install sound deflectors to reduce noise. Create an acoustic enclosure or muffle box. Install the new muffler.

Is 72 dB loud for a generator?

On average, diesel generators are around 75 - 85 Dba, though a lower-speed diesel generator or a generator enclosed in a canopy can make a huge difference in noise level.

Are whole house generators loud?

Most standard generator enclosures do not provide adequate soundproofing, even though they are weatherproof. The consequent noise level from standby generators is typically in the range of 65 to 80 dB, which may be exceeding many local noise ordinances.

Wrap Up

We will suggest you if noise is the primary issue for you then you can buy a quiet portable generator but you can solve the problem on your own then it’s all your choice. But you can get a portable inverter generator that produces minimum noise, you will also the price difference between both generators.

We hope you like this article " How To Make A Portable Generator Quieter" and somehow it will help you to solve the noise problem and if you have any other queries feel free to comment or email us.

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How To Make A Portable Generator Quieter

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