How To Connect Portable Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

How To Connect Portable Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

Today! I am going to show you how to connect portable generator to house without transfer switch and it is going to be a very simple process if you will follow this step-by-step guide.

A portable generator is a very important and useful tool, and if you are using this there could be a reason from the below list:

  • You are using it because you live in a place where a power outage is a normal thing.
  • Maybe you are using it as a power backup for home.
  • And in this covid19 time maybe you are working from home so you can't take any risk because of a power outage.

There are many other reasons you are using a portable generator but these three are always top of the list.

At the time of the blackout, the generator is the only thing which can help you in every way, you can run your home appliances or can save your food in the refrigerator and can continue your office work, but what will you do if you don't have a transfer switch to connect your portable generator to home.

This is the main thing in this guide we are going to show you and maybe it will give you are question's answer how to connect a portable generator to house without transfer.

Is a Transfer Switch for a Generator Required Yes/No?

It is not as important as people think but all the experts always recommend you to have one installed in your house when connecting the generator to your home because it is all about your safety, if you are a new user of generator then it could be risky for you that's why experts always recommend you.

If you have heard from somewhere that by using extension wires you can solve this problem so you are wrong because it can cause issues, and you will increase the risks of fire or electrocution for you and your family.

The one thing if you are not aware of is that the national electric code already stated this statement, if you want to power your home appliances with the help of a generator then you need a well-installed transfer switch because it is all about your safety.

There was a time when people try to connect portable generators to houses without transfer switches and it wasn't an easy task many times they were stuck there without any result.

So, let’s get into it and we are going to show you how to connect portable generator to house without transfer switch.

how to connect portable generator to house without transfer switch step By Step:

As you already know it wouldn't be an easy task for you to connect a portable generator to house without transfer switch and yes we are going to show but in order to your safety, we want you to clear if you want to run your generator normal and ineffective way you need a transfer switch.

You can do it only when there is no hope for you, and there is an emergency, then it will be an okay decision for you.


In order to do this and for safety purposes you need proper tools which are going to help you in this all process because if you have all the necessary tools and you are following proper guidelines it will be a smooth process for you.

Now below we are going to show all the much-needed tools which are necessary for this process.

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Things [Tools] You Will Need

Please gather these tools before connecting portable generator to house without transfer switch.

1- Interlock Kit: This is the most important tool you need first if you are going to connect without a transfer switch. The interlock kit will help you to connect with that transfer switch but before buying this kit you have to make sure that this kit should be compatible with your generator's model and it is easy to buy you can get this anywhere near you and also it is not so expensive.

2-Wires: The wires are the second important tool you need and you have to get almost three sets of wires and also make sure you get all the wires in a different color because it will help you to identify which wire you have to connect where and as you know it is a work-related to electricity you can't take it lightly.

3- Breaker: When you will buy a breaker keep these two things in mind:

  • Make sure you get a breaker that is suitable for your generator.
  • The beaker should also work with your home specifications it is very important.

Safety Measures for Connecting your Generator [Video For Safety]

There is no doubt if you are doing anything related to the electricity your safety comes first always and all these below-listed things will ensure your safety:

  • Working gloves: It is a very important thing you need because it will help you with wire cut,
  • Protective eye-wear: Eyes should be our first safety so make sure you wear good protective glasses.
  • Work boots: The work boots going to help you from electrocution.

There are some more tools including these pliers, screwdrivers, electrical take, chisels, and wrenches which is very useful in all process.

Figure Out Plug Type And Amperage

If you are making such a setup with your generator then you should have a big round plug that can fit both sides of the breaker. After this you only have three steps left:

  • Find the amperage close to the plug
  • Also, Find the codes
  • And the last Adjust the materials according to the codes.

Hole Drilling Time [In Wall]

Now, this is an easy step for you, you have to drill a hole according to you so, you can put the wire between the hole and make sure it shouldn't be very far from the generator.

Also, You can use other tools like a hammer if the wall is thick, the main thing is you just have to put wires in between holes.

This is a very important point please read it carefully we recommend you mount the power inlet box far from your home because it will ensure your safety and also you can mount it few feet away from the drilled wall, also check it carefully and confirm that there are no water drops in the drilled hole.

Now just gather the conduit and you can tape or glue it so it can be attached properly, do it with proper awareness just because it will ensure your safety.

Now go to the generator inlet plug and wire them, after that do the same process in a reverse way go to the conduit body and pull the wires out and fix them up on the plug and make sure you tighten them and to tighten them you can use tools like a screwdriver.

There is something more you have to do now turn off the main breakers and then push the wires inside and get the breaker box ready and this is the final step just installs the wires with the breaker retainer and after finishing the work cover it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hook up a generator to a house without a transfer switch?

Wiring a generator directly to the main electrical panel is another way to connect it to the house without a transfer switch. In general, wiring generators to panels is not recommended due to their inherent danger. In that case, you would use a sub-panel to connect the generator directly to the main electrical panel.

Can I install a generator transfer switch myself?

Can I Install a Generator Transfer Switch on My Own? Depending on whether you have the necessary experience working with electronics and are comfortable with the procedure, you can install a generator transfer switch on your own.

How much does an electrician charge to install a transfer switch?

The average cost is between $500 and $900.

Is a transfer switch worth it?

When you have a transfer switch installed in a residential setting, you gain the ability to power goods directly through your circuit breaker panel instead of using extension cords. The list includes hardwired devices including the dishwasher, hot water heater, air conditioner, and ceiling fans.

Wrap Up

So this is the most important thing you need if you want to connect portable generator to house without transfer switch because without interlocking kit you can't process this work. because this is the only thing which is going to hep you in this all process.

Note: The first thing is your safety, don't do anything which can harm you, if you don't know anything about this process just don't do or you can take someone helps who is a bit familiar with this process and only try to do if there is an emergency and you don't have any option left.

We hope now you got the answer how to connect portable generator to house without transfer switch, and you can perform this in an emergency.

If you have any doubt left in your mind just comment below or email us we will reply you asap.

How To Connect Portable Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

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