How To Connect A Generator To Your Home

How To Connect A Generator To Your Home

Today! In this article I'm going to tell you how to connect a generator to your home, when there are power goes off portable generator can be the best option for you to run your all the home appliances.


There are two simple ways available for you, which can help you to power appliances:

  • You can connect your generator to the house electricity board.
  • You can connect appliances to the generator.

If we talk about first option, so you can connect your appliances through extension cord to your generator its is the best option but when there would be extended power outage you don't have nay option left to connect home appliances with generator.


When we talk about second option where you can connect your generator to the home appliances, and you are going to run all the appliances normally as you run with the electricity power until the generator has power left. So this is also a better option and now it's up to you which one you are going to use.

You also have to take care plugging a generator to the wall socket directly because it can damage your electricity, appliances or even can burn your wires so beware of this. 

It can not only harm you, also can harm the technician who is working on electric lines, that's why it is an illegal thing.

There is a transfer switch tool available which helps you to connect your generator to your home.

How To Connect A Generator To Your Home With Transfer Switch 

You have to install it in electricity circuit breaker box because it is device which uses for electric control and the other work of transfer switch is to switch your home electricity on to the generator.

We can say transfer switch makes power management easy and it is work like your home circuit you can run whatever you want to run appliances or home. While installing transfer switch it is in your control which outlet on which sub beaker.

Manual Vs Universal Transfer Switches

In the market there are two types of transfer switches available:

  • Manual transfer switches
  • Universal transfer switches  

Manual transfer switches work like people are using for long time (traditional) circuit breaker box and with this very simple to flip the breaker just turn on or off one set off appliances.

If we talk about universal transfer switch so, it works automate you don't need to do anything again and again once you have decided your priority outlets transfer switch automatically on and off the breakers and will provide the power below the generator's starting watts.

When the utility grid’s power fails universal transfer switch detect it and works automatically and switch over to the generator. 

There are some transfer switches comes with battery back up which saves your appliances and keep running them until you turn on the generator. And when the power comes back universal transfer switch automatically switch your home back on to electric grid, so you don't need to worry it works automatically.

Transfer Switch (Installing)

Most of the time installation of a transfer switch done by professional electrician, and it would be risk if a normal person going to install it because it has a lot of wires work but if you are a house owner and have some electric experience you can also install because company also gives you instruction book.

When you are installing a transfer switch the main thing you have to consider is which circuit from your main circuit board is going to be connected with transfer switch circuit.


It is also depended on you that which appliances you are going to run and the size of your generator and if you are using universal transfer switch then you can prioritize your important appliances.

Connecting Generator

If you are going to connect your generator with transfer switch then you need a special generator cord to connect both of.

This generator cord helps to connect transfer switch and generator.

If you live in place where power outage is normal then you can be prepared before power outage you can leave transfer switch connected to the generator all the time or you can make it easy according to you, like you can pick a place to connect them easy or fast whenever power goes off.

You have to flip the main breaker to the transfer switch, so it can take power from generator rather than electric grid.

One thing also you have to make sure that if you are using manual transfer switch, you have to turn off all the breaker on the transfer switch.

Two more things you have to keep in your mind:

  • First you have to keep your generator in safe place then you can start you it, now you can turn on the breaker on transfer switch in a one time to provide power at home.
  • Second you have to do all the things in reverse way turn off all the breakers to manual transfer switch, so they can ready for the next time (power outage).

How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch (Step By Step)

If you want to know safe (preferred) method to connect your generator to home, so that is possible with an installed transfer switch.

It is safe because it saves you from wiring, appliances and from your generator damage because it can be the reason of fire. 

We will say if you have knowledge about it then you can do it but if you don't have any knowledge then you have to go with professional electrician it would be  good for you.

Below I'm going to tell about some tools that will help you if you buy them:

1. Interlock Kit

It helps you to shut of the main power before turning on the generator power and with the help of this you can connect the generator without transfer switch. It stops the generator to powering the box without turning off the breaker.


It is also prevented generator to back feeding so it is going to help you a lot but you have to keep in mind that you buy an exact one completely match.

2. Circuit Breaker

It allows power from your generator to enter your box and when you are going to buy this you have to consider how much power your generator is providing. It would be good for your generator if you buy a 220/240 volt breaker with the right amperage. 

3. Wires & Plug

You have to buy tools according to your requirement for your generator you can buy below to tools.

  • 240 volt extension cord 
  • Right amperage

If you are going to plug your generator in your house from the outside then you have to buy a weatherproof outdoor generator plug and install it outside your home.

Below I'm going to show you some important tools and while you are doing an electric work so it is important to be safe:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Sliers, 
  • Wrenches, 
  • Electrical tape
  • Drill,
  • Gloves and 
  • Protective eyewear

There are more tools available but these are the most important.

4. Outdoor Generator Plug (Installation) & Power Box Connection

Once you got, where you are going to plug your generator inside the house, then you have to buy a plug and wire to go back to the power box. After that use the circuit breaker and connect the outdoor plug with power box.

5. Interlock Kit (Installation)

This is the last thing you have to do just install the interlock kit on your panel, it will stop the main power to connect, while generator is already connected.

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