How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

Hey! if you are thinking about how to bypass low oil sensor on generator? then there is no doubt you are in the right place because today I am going to show all the things step by step.

Why Does An Oil Sensor Shut Off Even When There Is Fuel In There?

In this time all the company which is producing the generators is trying to provide the amazing low oil shut off feature in every unit.

Here are the few reasons we need low oil shut off feature in our generator:

  • It shuts down the machine if the fuel gets low 
  • Generator does not overwork
  • Ensure generator, engine and connected appliances safety
  • Help to provide long life to your unit

Everyone knows the importance of a generator because some people are using it for camping or Rv and the other is using it at home and for office works, so they also realize the value during the power outrage, that how important generator is?. 


Sometimes we don't have any option left except to bypass this sensor. 

As you know it is a machine, and no guarantee that there would be no issue forever, so there are also possibilities that it can be actioned even when there is enough fuel in your generator.

Ok! let me just explain you with an example:

You are sure about refueling the oil in the generator but the shutoff sensor shows that there is no oil, so it can happen because of a defective switch and you won't be able to start the generator, because it is stuck and won't allow you.


There would be the reason for this, it can sometimes stick to the bottom of the crankcase and because of this its low oil shutoff feature is reading "low oil". it can be a big issue in an emergency when you have to complete an important task or there is a power outage at your home and it is refusing to start.

So, In this article, we are going to you how to fix this problem by bypassing the low oil sensor on your generator, so you can start it if there is an emergency.

how to bypass low oil sensor on generator

Before Starting Further...

We want to say before starting the guide of how to bypass your low oil sensor on your generator, that you don't have to fix this issue if there is no emergency.

And, if you have an emergency situation or list of tasks to complete then go ahead and fix it.

Like I told you above it is a machine so there is no guarantee that there would be no issue forever and the issues like defective low oil sensors can certainly happen.

So, don't take it so seriously just fix the issue.

Before you apply our tips and solve the issue, we will say the first contact to the manufacturer directly and complaint about it, if it is in warranty period then it's great.

If you will complain about the issue and contact them three things will happen:

  • Maybe they will give you tips regarding the issue.
  • Maybe they suggest that the generator needs to be returned.
  • Or Maybe they come to your house to ix that.

But, if there is urgency go ahead and fix that issue because people don't have time to contact the service provider if there is urgency.

Below we are also going to show some safety instructions before the bypass guide.

The first thing you have to turn off the generator, while bypassing the low oil sensor, it will ensure your safety because you can be hurt or it can be damaged itself if you do it when the power is on or it is running.

If you have decided to fix the problem then after turning off the generator, you should wait for 5-10 minutes because the inner part of the generator still moves after turned off.

It can burn your skin if you touch it at once, after just turned off because there is no doubt it will be hot inside.

This one is very important so please make sure no cigarettes, electrical sparks, and open flames are near the fuel because the gasoline and propane fuel inside is likely to be very flammable, so you have to keep your safety in mind.

How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator: A Step By Step Guide

We know you are here because you are facing all the problems we have mentioned above in the article, the low oil shut off feature is showing fuel low whenever the fuel tank is full, and for this, you can do a temporary solution that we are going to show you below.

Sometimes the sensor could be stuck at the bottom of the tank, and it shows you low oil without measuring the oil level, when this happens just disconnect the sensor, and for an emergency, you can start the generator.

Below you can read step by step guide:

  • The first thing you are going to do is to find the low oil pressure switch or find a wire on the side of the generator. I hope you read all the mentioned safety instructions above.
  • You can easily remove the wire or cut the wire but make sure the wire doesn't touch the ground.
  • When you removed the wire from generator the oil sensor won't work and won't show you the indignations, you can start the generator without stopping by this sensor.
  • After starting the generator the oil of the generator would be warmer and the sensor which was stuck in the bottom of the tank will be unstuck and perish.
  • When you completed the emergency work make sure you reattach the wire onto the switch for future use and if you face the issue again now you what you have to do.


Then if things are not going on your way and the problem is not going to solve then contact the manufacturer, they will suggest tips for the problem or if the generator is in warranty they will fix the problem or they will replace it with a new one. 

Wrap up

Now After reading this article completely you know very well what you should you do when your generator is showing ‘low oil’ and refusing to start up, but before doing that make sure you read all the safety guide I have mentioned above because there is nothing important more than safety.

Also, you have to remind yourself if there is no urgency, you don't need to fix the problem you can consult with the manufacturer, they will give you three options:

  • They will provide you temporary solutions or tips.
  • Maybe they can send their serviceman to fix that.
  • Or they will give you a replacement offer if the problem is big.  

Now it completely up to you what you will decide because now you are able to fix your own.

I hope now you know how to bypass low oil sensor on generator and if you like the guide please do share.

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For more information watch this video, it will help you to understand everything.

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