How Long Can a Whole House Generator Run Continuously? (2020) Update

How Long Can a Whole House Generator Run Continuously

As you know in this article I'm going to show tell you ow long can a whole house generator run continuously so please read this article completely.

There is no one who didn't experienced power outage it can be for short time because some electrical reason or it can be for long because of nature disaster.


Everyone knows that bad experience without power, food spoiling, stuck between work and if there is summer season then sweating life.

Now you can win on these situations with the help of whole house generator, once you connected it with your home then it works automatically when power goes off.

Company designed it very carefully and standby generator is able to power you house appliances without any interruption, until the electricity come back to the same place. 

There can be two reason for using whole house generator you want use it in remote house where you don't have or you don't need permanent electric connection and the other reason you are using it in emergencies but it is going t help you in every condition.

There are many factors that effect how generator will run, below I'm going to show some important ones:


If we talk about in simple way then everyone knows that until the fuel is running in generator, that will run continuously.

There are two most usable sources is:

  • Propane 
  • Gas

The best thing about these sources is they are environment friendly and work very well for long time and there are two more sources available to run a generator is gasoline or diesel.


Gasoline and diesel mostly use by people in portable generator not in standby generators.

If we talk about natural gas so it supplied by underground pipes to your home to your generator and if your generator is consuming fuel supply regularly, it will work continuously because it needs good amount of fuel for long run.

It is your choice where you want store your propane liquid, whether you will store it underground or above the ground and the capacity of these propane tanks you can get 250 - 1000 gallons.

One thing you have to always consider the amount of fuel your generator is consuming depends on the workload, that how many appliances or house it is running.

So, always try to use big fuel tank if you want to run it for long time because once the fuel tank is empty your generator will stop to power your house.

It applies for all the sources because all has their pros and cons.

Oil For Engine Health

If you want to run your generator well for the long time you need take care its engine and engine needs its oil to run smoothly.

The main work of engine oil is to help engine parts to work well and smoothly and it also keeps safe engine from overheating and keeps cool for long run. Which helps to increase engine and generator life.

Engine oil also has its expiry time it can work well for 50 hours, after 50 hours you need to change your engine oil which is working almost form last two days with air-cooled engine.

There are two more things you have to keep in your mind:

  • If you are running generator from long time check the oil level.
  • Only stops supply oil if you are changing generator oil.

If you need a generator that run for long time before overheating then you can go with that generator, which engine work on 1800 RPM, these are very good and efficient ones in the market.

When you will go to the market you will that 3600 RPM generator are cheaper than 1800RPM because they are not work well like 1800 Rpm works, they overheat very early.


If you want to use them you have to give them time to cool down and work well again.

But if you want a whole house generator that can run well for long time then you can try below two they are best-selling and works like a charm.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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