Best Generator For Tailgating

If you don’t know which is the best generator for tailgating? Don’t worry, In this post, I’m going to show you the best generator for tailgating. I hope it will help you to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Best generator for tailgating

Furthermore, I will discuss the power your generator should have as well as things to look for when buying a tailgate generator.

The following are some of the best tailgating generators for 2021 so you needn't spend hours browsing the internet. If you're ready, let's get started:

How do you power a tailgate?

Bringing a generator is pretty simple; just make sure you have one. Having an electric grill, some lights, and some audio or visual entertainment is necessary for any tailgate party.

A tailgater generator that fits in your vehicle's trunk can provide you with the power you need to power all of these items. They are also powerful enough to allow you to have an awesome tailgating party.

How Much Generator Power for Tailgates?

Inverter generators are not powerful enough to allow you to watch TV alongside the electric smoker to cook your meal, which would be the worst-case scenario.

It's important to find a portable inverter generator that provides enough power supply for all your planned activities.

You will need to find out the total wattage of these things to determine how much power is needed in the tailgater generator if you want to run a TV, speakers, lights, and an electric grill.

The only thing that will help you most is this.

What size generator do I need for tailgating?

Tailgater generators come in different sizes depending on your needs. You need to ensure that the generator has enough power to run the electric items you will be running. Keeping this in mind is crucial to your success.

A 2000 Watt generator should be sufficient for small tailgate parties where you won't need an electric grill.

The best tailgating generator, however, will be with a power output of 3000 Watt to 4000 Watt if you intend to use a smoker, giant speakers, lights, and a TV.

In case you plan to include these things in your party, here are some options you might want to consider:

The 5 most important factors to consider when choosing a tailgater generator:

Power: This is the most crucial factor of the equation. You will need enough power for your tailgating generator to run all the electronic devices you'll need at the tailgate party. You may want to consider getting a generator capable of 20,000 Watts and adjusting your electronic systems accordingly. The tailgater generator test is measured by adding up the total wattage needed to power all electronic devices and getting an inverter generator that can deliver that much or more.

Noise: Keeping an eye on a generator's noise level at a time when you should be spending time with your friends is not a good idea. Choose a generator that is as quiet as possible.

Portable: Choosing a generator that is lightweight and has comfortable handles makes it easy for you to carry it around with you and there are many amazing models available in the market. A few of them we are showing you.

Safety: Watch out for tailgater generators with overload protection and low oil shut off features. By controlling these two settings, you'll be protected against sudden bursts of electricity.

Power Outlet: You will require power outlets to operate electronic devices on the generator. It is recommended that you have 3-4 household outlets, alongside DC and RV outlets.

Which is the best tailgating generator?

Solar inverter generator: These are generators that produce electricity without consuming fuel. The solar panels on the generator allow it to be powered directly by the sun during the day, and, at night, you can use its rechargeable battery.

Camping generator: These are often smaller and lighter than portable generators. On a camping trip, you can set up the tent and watch your favorite movie while firing up the grill and making burgers, all while enjoying the comfort of the tent in the warm weather with these generators.

Portable generator: These generators are portable and can be used anywhere. Get the tailgating party items in your trunk, drive off, and put them in your car. Generators like those from Honda, Inverter, and Solar are usually portable as well, easy to carry and powerful.

Inverter Generator: Generators with inverters prevent wasted electricity. This is accomplished by adjusting the generator's engine so that it only sends out the amount of power required. In other words, the processor stays flexible rather than continuously maximizing its performance.

The Harbor Freight Generators:This brand represents some of the most popular generators on the market right now. It is also known for its tailgating generators.

Honda generator: One of the most recognizable brands within the generator industry. Honda makes cars, bikes, and generators, which all use engines to power them, so it is no surprise that they are able to make such superior generators.

Here are the 5+ Best Generator For Tailgating In 2021:

Interested in a generator that can keep up with the newest and most advanced electronic items? Check out the list below of the best portable generators for tailgating.

Is it better to buy a standby or portable generator?

There are many people who use both these generators on a daily basis. There are several kinds of tailgating generators, but since you are here to learn about tailgating, you should know that portable generator one is the best. Both portable and standby have the following pros and cons:

Best Generator For Tailgating

Standby Generator:

  • Power: Can range from 8,000 to 20,000 watts, depending on the model 
  • Price: Around $2000 - $4000
  • fuel tank Requirement: Requires 12 to 45 gallons of natural gas or liquid propane per day


  • They automatically turn on once the power goes out, so you don't have to worry about them
  • Being able to power the entire 
  • You don’t need to manually turn them on


  • It is not portable
  • It is very expensive; the costs can reach thousands of dollars

Portable Generators:

Best Generator For Tailgating
  • Power: varies between 3,000 and 8,000+ depending on which model you are going to buy
  • Price: Typically ranges between $400 and $1500
  • Fuel Requirement: Usually requires 12–20 gallons of gas per day


  • A very affordable product
  • that is easy to use and portable.
  • Built-in outlets for making connections to any electronic devices; great for tailgating


  • It will not start automatically, so you have to connect it to the electric items that need power
  • It generates a little noise in comparison with standby generators

The best tailgate generator, in our opinion, is a portable one, since you can carry it wherever you like and connect it to whatever electronic device you need to work at that moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful generator for power outages?

Standing generators are the most powerful generators due to the massive power output they produce, which can supply enough power to run the entire house, depending on the model.

How much does it cost to run a generator all day?

Gasoline costs an average of $2.112 per gallon (November 2020), and the typical generator uses around 18 gallons per day. 2.112 times 18 equals $38. A day of use of your 5KW generator will cost you 38 bucks.

Is a standby generator worth it?

The price is definitely worth it, if you only plan to use the product at home, not for tailgating parties. Portable generators are ideal for outdoor tailgating, because, well, they're portable! The standby generator is a wise investment for homes since it can be used to quickly power up the entire house if there has been an unexpected power outage.

Is it OK to run a generator all night?

Certainly! If you plan to run your generator all night, be sure it is capable of working continuously for at least eight hours. Even better would be to have a generator that can last double that length of time.

How far a tailgating generator must be placed from a car?

Your tailgater generator should always be placed away from your vehicle. This is beneficial in many ways, but the main benefit is the fumes that it produces can be harmful to people around it. Also, a far distance will result in a lower noise level.

Wrap up

What matters most when choosing a generator for tailgating is how much power you will be consuming. If you want to power everything you will use at tailgating, create a comprehensive list of all the items you'll need, calculate the total wattage you'll need, and buy a generator that can power all of them or more.

I hope you will get an idea for the Best generator for tailgating.

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